About Us

Our promise to you, our customer, is to serve you the absolute best Texas Hill Country BBQ. On behalf of our pitmaster, Ladd Pepper, please relax, have a beverage, be yourself, and enjoy our food. All our food is handmade and is the best food we know how to make. And, trust us, that know-how is based on years of experience, quality, and good old-fashioned hard work. 

Ladd was born in Kansas City, a legendary BBQ town in its own right. He began first grade right here in Blanco and grew up along the banks of the beautiful Blanco River, where he learned to fish, hunt, climb trees, jump off rocks, and catch bullfrogs. After graduating Blanco High School first in his class, he headed off to Texas A&M University.

Although his degree was in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, it was while at Texas A&M that he became a true student of Texas BBQ. His first mentorship was centered on a small, but highly successful family-owned Smokehouse not far from College Station. There he learned the art of cooking Texas Style BBQ in large quantities. Ladd’s passion for Texas BBQ has steadily burned since.

Highlights of Ladd’s professional career include, but are not limited to

  • serving legendary Texas A&M football coach RC Slocum
  • hand-cutting and serving over 8,000 premium grade beef briskets
  • setting up the largest “live fire” cooking demonstration in American history
  • being personally selected to prepare BBQ in Washingon DC during President Obama’s first inauguration.

He’s met and cooked for his fair share of celebrities along the way: Tom Hanks, Garth Brooks, and Beyoncé, to name a few. But his favorite customers are “regular Joes”. His passion to cook and serve Texas BBQ to people who truly appreciate family, friends, and God’s blessings is second to none.

So, from the pit, welcome! Please enjoy our food and tell your family and friends about us. We’ll be here, reminded of our pledge to you, our customer, to serve you the BEST.

Many thanks,


Old 300 Signature Brisket

Our signature beef brisket is locally raised, grass-fed, and free of antibiotics, ensuring freshness and quality. Akaushi cattle produce a meat with a unique fatty acid composition, adding to the brisket’s health benefits. This creates a tender, juicy slice of brisket that will not disappoint the BBQ craving in all of us! 

Please visit the HeartBrand website at www.heartbrandbeef.com for more information about this prime-plus cut of meat.