3 1/2 pounds of sliced meat

2 quarts of sides

a gallon of tea

and all the fixins!

(signature brisket excluded)

(utensils, cups & plates upon request)

Calling in an order to pick up? Give us a holler at 830-833-1227(1BBQ) 

Signature Brisket – $22.98 lb

(Grass fed/Locally raised Akaushi Beef Served Friday, Saturday & Sunday only or with 24 hr notice)

Brisket – $17.50 lb

Pork Ribs – $14.98 lb

Sausage – $13.98 lb

Spicy Sausage – $13.98 lb

Smoked Turkey – $15.48 lb

Pork Loin – $12.98 lb

Half Chicken – $6.99 each

Rack of Ribs – $40.98

BBQ Bucket (3lbs meat + 2 pint sides) – $62.98

free 5 gallon OLD 300 Bucket included

Chopped BBQ – cup $6.50 / pint $12.00




Sliced Brisket Sandwich – $8.98

Chopped BBQ Sandwich – $6.95

Chicken Sandwich – $9.00

Pork/Turkey/Sausage Sandwich – $7.50

Any other meat sandwich – $7.88


Jim Raby – $14.98

This is actually a quesadilla,  not a sandwich.  But it’s a monster of a meal so it’s part of our Signature Sandwich Line up.  Local country music artist Jim Raby “invented” this one so we named it after him. It features a 12″ spinach wrap loaded with diced chicken and pork, topped with pico de Gallo and cheese, topped again with chopped bbq, and just to fill it out (kinda like Jim) more: we add a quarter pound of juicy Angus brisket.  Then we grill it up on our flat top grill and serve it with a side of bbq ranch dressing.

Willie Nelson – $14.50

Guaranteed to cure “the munchies”. Old 300’s biggest sandwich featuring half pound of Angus brisket,  a third pound of pork loin,  and quarter pound of sausage served on a Hoagie roll. Ask for a to-go box if dining in for this one.

El jefe – $12.25

The Boss. Half pound of Angus brisket with a quarter pound jalapeño sausage on a Hoagie roll. The Pit Master’s Favorite!

Chuck Norris – $12.25

Lean with a kick. Half pound of lean, tender pork loin with a quarter pound of jalapeño sausage on Hoagie roll.

Poncho and Lefty – $12.25

A great combination of both Old 300 Homemade sausages served on a Hoagie roll. It’s a lot of sausage!

Spencer Feller – $19.76

This is a pile (almost a FULL pound) of our Old 300 Signature Akaushi brisket served on a Hoagie roll. It honors The Pit Master’s “old college buddy” and one of the most genuinely nice guys you’re ever gonna “meat.” If you’re hungry and a brisket aficionado, try this one on the weekend!

Jim Bowie – $12.25

Smoke turkey breast and our Old 300 regular sausage….you don’t have to be a big time knife fighter to eat this sandwich, but you do need a big appetite.

Sam Houston – $18.63

We’ve decided to put three of our most popular meat choices on this sandwich….fit for a President. We layer equal amounts of Akaushi Brisket, Sliced Turkey and Old 300’s very own Japapeño Sausage on a Hoagie bun … bring an appetite for this one!




BBQ Quesadilla – $11.25

BBQ Sliders (4) – $7.00

Deviled Eggs – 5/$5.25 or $1.25 each

Frito Pie – $6.50

Fries or Fried Okra Basket – $4.95

Brisket Taco (Thursday Only )1 for $4.75, 2 for $8.50

BBQ Nachos ( Thursday Only)  $9.50



Green Beans / Creamed Corn / Mac N Cheese

Cup $2.98    Pint $5.75   Quart $9.75

Beans / Slaw / Potato Salad

Cup $2.65    Pint $4.98   Quart $8.98

Fries or Fried Okra (side) – $2.50

Fries or Fried Okra (basket) – $4.95

Cup of Soup (seasonal) – $3 / bowl $5

Baked Potato – $5

BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato – $8

Chips – $1.75

Peach Cobbler – $3.98 slice, $30.50 whole

Pecan Cobbler – $4.50 slice, $34.50 whole

Banana Pudding – $4.50 slice, $35.50 whole

Smoked Cheese Cake – $6.50 slice, $60.50 whole

Blackberry Cobbler $3.98 slice, $30.50 whole

Ice Cream – $2

Fountain Drink / Iced Tea (free refills) – $2.50

Bottled Soda – $2.50

Bottled Water – $1.75

Coffee – $1.50

Draft Beer – $4.50

Domestic Bottle – $3.75

Import Bottle – $4.25

Craft Bottle – $4.25

Pitchers – $14

Buckets (any 5 beers) – $17.50

Mega bucket (12 beers) – $40.00

Wine – dependent on selection

Chopped BBQ Sandwich – $6

Corned Dog – $6

Grilled Cheese – $6

Kids meal served with chips and your choice of juice box, canned soda or bottled water.

Daily Lunch Special – $8.78

Monday – Thursday: Keto Special – 1/3 lb Akaushi Brisket, Side Salad or Green Beans – $10.98

Tuesday: WE DO BURGERS ON TUESDAYS ONLY!!!  COME AND EAT IT…All burgers are “cheese optional” and come with lettuce and tomato, unless specified you do not want them.

Friday: Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Served with lettuce and tomato on a Jalapeno Cheddar bun. Introductory price of sandwich only $6.95, meal $8.78.

½-Lb Akaushi Patty, Fried Egg, and Smoked Bacon
We included all the farm animals on this burger…cow, pig, and chicken (we serve the chicken “rare” and this burger is 100% Equine Free!

½ – Lb Akaushi Patty, ¼ Lb Chopped BBQ, with sautéed onions and jalapenos.
We added a bit of Old 300 BBQ goodness and spice to this burger…grab some extra napkins!

PEDRO FLORES  – $12.25
½ -Lb Akaushi Patty, two (2) jalapeno cheese bacon poppers, jalapenos, and pico de gallo.
Our Tex-Mex Inspired Burger that Captain Call and Captain McRae would steal…we honor one of Texas’ most iconic films with this creation…this burger will become as legendary as Lonesome Dove.

½ -Lb Akaushi Patty, Smoked Bacon, and 1/3 Lb Marbled Angus Brisket.
3 Names/3 Ingredients…this burger pays tribute one of Texas’ most famous musicians and his brother lives here in Blanco (and likes our brisket).

KEEP AUSTIN WEIRDBuild Your Own Burger     ½ -Lb Akaushi Patty with whatever YOU can dream up to top it off from our list of “burger add-ons”…sorry, no unicorns or leprechauns can be added to this burger due to Federal Law…trust us, we weeded through those laws to ensure proper burger compliance.

MAD MAC BURGER  – $11.50
½ -Lb Akaushi Patty served with a scoop of Old 300 Mac-N-Cheese.
This burger is richer than Mel Gibson but not as angry…


Thursday: Brisket Taco – 1 for $4.75 – 2 for $8.50

Sunday: Akaushi Beef Rib – 1 for $10.00 – 2 for $18.00 – 3 for $25.00 – 4 for $30.00