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Old 300 BBQ believes that quality BBQ starts with using quality meat. We only use Choice Grade Angus briskets for our customers. We also believe that simpler is better than complex, and because of that we use just a handful (pun intended) of simple spices to dry rub our briskets before smoking them with locally sourced live-oak here in Blanco, Texas. Our brisket is smoked “low and slow” on Industry-Finest Southern Pride BBQ pits each day, and ready for enjoyment each day at 11:00. For our Customers utilizing our shipping option; you can count on the same quality our dine-in, take-out, and catering customers enjoy locally each day. Your 10-12 pound brisket will come vacuum-sealed and ready for heating and eating. Instructions and our very own Texas Spicy and Texas Sweet Bbq Sauce will come with your order.

In addition to our quality Angus brisket, Old 300 BBQ proudly serves Certified Akaushi Beef Brisket. We source this High-Quality, Healthy beef through our friends at HeartBrand Beef just down the road from us in Flatonia, Texas. Akaushi Beef is Japanese beef (considered a national treasure in Japan), raised in Texas (and other parts of the USA), and is the ONLY 100% source-verified Certified Akaushi Beef in America. Because of the full-blood Akaushi genetics and rigorous quality guidelines enforced in raising these cattle, Heartbrand beef consistently produces prime grade beef, and lends itself to a rich, buttery flavor. It is considered by many beef experts to be most delicious beef in the entire world. In addition to its great taste, the myriad of health benefits from consuming Akaushi beef include: lowering cholesterol, weight control, and you are consuming beef that has zero added hormones. At Old 300, we add a bit more secret seasoning to these briskets, allowing them to achieve a “bark that is certainly in need of your bite.” Try one and see if you agree that is the richest, most flavorful brisket you have ever experienced. For our shipping customers, please note that these cattle are traditionally harvested at a younger age and lesser weight, to maximize their yield and grade. Therefore, these whole briskets will range from 6-8 pounds. Heating instructions and BBQ sauce will be included in your order.

Angus price $125

Akaushi Price $135


For assistance to place your order over the phone and to discuss shipping cost and arrangements please call our store at 830-833-1227 and ask to speak to our catering department or email info@old300bbq.com.

Brisket will arrive fully cooked and smoked, all you will need to do is thaw and re-heat. Refrigerate as soon as possible after delivery.

We cannot ship perishable items Friday – Sunday due to transit and delivery times. We do not ship same day. We cannot not ship outside of the US. Perishable products will not be shipped to PO boxes or to APOS. For assistance with shipping cost and shipping arrangements, please call our store at 830-833-1227 or email info@old300bbq.com.

Shipping and all product prices are based upon current market value.