Paul Spellman, author of “The Old 300: Gone To Texas” will have a book signing at the Old 300 BBQ during The Lavender Festival, 6/12 and 6/13.


bookA broad and dramatic saga of the American westward migration to Texas between 1817 and 1825, this is the story of 300 families who made their way from all across the United States and four countries to settle in Austin’s Colony in Mexican Texas. An in-depth, personal look at the families, this adventure considers why they came to Texas, how they got here, and what they shared together in the early years. Most of their stories begin a decade before their arrival on the banks of the Colorado and Brazos Rivers, from action during the War of 1812, through the early Texas filibusters and expeditions, and under the guidance of Moses Austin and his son Stephen F. Austin. It is at once a story of courage and sacrifice, dangers and tragedy, dedication to a dream and desire for a fresh beginning. The story is diverse and filled with unexpected surprises for both traveler and reader. There are American Indians resisting the settlers, pirates on the prowl, earthquakes and hurricanes and deadly floods taking their toll. These first mostly Anglo settlers included large families, young newlyweds, and single men in commercial partnerships, widows and widowers, the very young and the very old. Some brought slaves, some came destitute, and some came rich and eager. There were the scurrilous and the fugitives among the lot, all collectively signing on to Austin’s Colony as the iconic Old 300. Author Paul N. Spellman teaches Texas History at Wharton County Junior College in Richmond, Texas.